Slack Audiences on Active Issues

Thinking about the idea of the audience it drew my attention back to an example I briefly touched on in one of my initial posts – YouTube’s CTFxCinemea run by Alli. Alli Trippy is an example of a user who is participating in the dialogical context. Alli basically reviews movies each week however she calls on her audience to be a part of her experience.

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 9.20.47 PM

Not only does Alli give her own opinions about the movies within her videos however she also features her users video responses. Alli seemingly generates a massed conversation on her channel and facilitates the sharing of content and opinions with anyone being able to contribute and participate.

The channel Alli, which is responsible for CTFxCineama, is also tied to other channels including charlestrippy and CTFxC. Alli and her husband Charles have quite untraditionally become popular media personalities through dialogic media with CTFxC alone entertaining almost 700,000 subscribers with over 340,000,000 video views. Alli and Charles are an example of how the new prosumers are using the media in extraordinary ways.

However due to the rise of the prosumer, the many individual perspectives and the ease to which these perspective can be voiced it can result in the message losing it’s meaning.  This can been seen through the idea of Slacktivism.

“Slativism is like a first kiss, you can’t make a baby by kissing just like you can’t end poverty or elect a president or gain civil rights by joining a Facebook group or tweeting or forwarding an SMS” (Mary Joyce, 2011).

A most recent example of Slacktivism is people posting red equals signs to social networking sites in favour of gay marriage. The photo, which been reported to have been uploaded more than 2.7 million times to Facebook, (The Oracle, 2013) coincides with the Supreme Court beginning hearings on Proposition 8 and the Defence of Marriage Act in Washington. The photo however clearly means little in regards to an individual’s commitment to working toward equal rights and can be seen as casting false positive light. (The Oracle, 2013). The red equals sign has also immediately fallen into the Internet memes sensation showing the desensitization of the issue of homosexual rights because of this campaign.

This example demonstrates that the role of the seemingly active audience is having a very passive effect on current issues within society. However empowerment of the audience has also had some seemingly very interesting impacts on the way society works and how the audience uses their meaning to convey their messages.


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