A Reflective Perspective

Looking back over my past five blog posts it’s interesting to reflect on what I’ve learnt about the media. I think we are all guilty, myself included, of readily accepting assumptions when it comes to the media today. Taking a nuanced approach to the topics each week allowed for me to think of the role of the media in a new light.

The theories aligned with blog posts one and two I believe played the biggest role in changing my beliefs about the media. It was really fascinating to have to take step back, push all my assumptions away and think about what was actually wrong with the media effects model. It taught me not to accept everything at face value i.e. such as the idea that violent video games cause violent people and that the media isn’t always “the bad guy” when it comes to the role it plays in society. It was also interesting to see the media’s role in influencing audiences in terms of advertisement. One concept that I particularly found fascinating was the idea that we never see an image rather a representation of an image which was filled with messages that the media wanted us to consume. By using a real life example this confirmed my belief about the role of the media in the persuasion of the audience.

By reviewing other peers’ blogs it also was interesting to see how different people reacted to different theories and ideas. As students we were all consuming the same information however all coming up with varying views. Reading differing responses shaped my view to the role of the media. The greatest example of this was courtneyshalavin‘s post about media control. Instead of looking at media control in terms of the conglomerates she looked at how the audiences shaped media control. I had never even thought to think of the topic media control from this perspective and it was interesting to see how a students perspective on what she believed the role of the media was.

Overall I think that these blog posts have helped to confirm that the media is closely intertwined with society and have a very large impact on the way that we live our lives.


2 thoughts on “A Reflective Perspective

  1. Great reflection, I too found that I am guilty of accepting assumptions. Like you said you really need to take a step back. I’m glad that you have a similar thought on media as it helps re-affirm my assumption. The link to Courtney’s’ blog post is great as well, as it shows exactly where your thoughts differed, good job!

  2. This is a great post. I definitely agree with your comment about society readily accepting assumptions within the media, as this is something that this subject has definitely made me aware of. This blog has summed up the topics that we have studied really well.

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