Reflective Perspective 2C

Hi Digital Diary Followers

As I am coming to the final stages of the International Media and Communication Studies course it is interesting to look back and reflect upon the experience and the knowledge I have gained. Entering into the course I had a very narrow view of the role of international media. To an extent I believe I was an individual who fell into the cultural stereotypes surrounding the issues explored within the BCM 111 subject.

Blogging throughout the subject allowed me to gain a broader understanding of the topics discussed both in the lectures and readings. Blogging also encouraged me to undertake my own personal research to find where the information I had learnt applied within my own personal sphere.

This was particularly evident in my first blog post. Within the first week of the subject I felt particularly overwhelmed by the concepts, terms and definitions that were given in both the lectures and the readings. By being able to use the very familiar example of Pixar I was able to grasp a better understanding of the ideas because I was familiar with the example.

I was particularly surprised by my interest in the topic discussed in my second blog post.  Although I had been aware of some of the issues surrounding international students I was not aware of the extent to which this was. I found it especially alarming how easy it was to find countless other examples of where international students had been attacked.  I was also anxious about the role of the media and the adverse effect it was having on international students choosing to travel to Australia to study.

I did have some difficulties finding personal examples each week and being able to apply what I had learnt in my readings and lectures to my own personal research. I also found it difficult to have a leveled amount of interest in every topic discussed in the course. However this made blogging rewarding when I found a topic that I was particularly engaged with. Overall the blogging spectrum of the subject added an extra dimension of further, personal research, which many students do not undertake when studying at university. It is satisfying to know I can draw upon this material at a later time throughout my university journey.


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